Welcome to the world of Bluebird Industries, the leading manufacturer of gardening equipment

We are excited to present you with a unique opportunity: to become a dealer of our successful brand. We know that you, an aspiring dealer, are looking for a promising business opportunity.

Bluebird Industries, founded in December 1978, has a solid history of success in the industry. We begin with the introduction of our first two internal combustion engines with displacements of 31 and 38 cm³, which generated tremendous excitement in the market.

Our company has invested in new molds and equipment to expand the range of our products, leading to large-scale deployment in Europe, Asia and South America.


What sets us apart from the competition?

The answer is simple: the superior quality of our products, effective after-sales support, and a strong and flexible sales network.

Our dedication to excellence enabled us to obtain ISO 9001/2000 certification in January 2003, demonstrating our corporate seriousness and the effectiveness of our organization.

We are not stopping there; we see this achievement as the beginning of a constant quest for improvement both in corporate quality and in the product itself.


How would it benefit you to become a reseller of the Bluebird brand?

Over the years, we have continued to innovate and expand our product range, demonstrating our ability to adapt to market needs.

For example, in 2005 we acquired a full line of wheeled brushcutters for professional and semi-professional use, which have proved to be a great success.

We are a constantly evolving company, driven by technological development and a commitment to environmental friendliness.

Our low-emission engines represent the latest innovation in the industry, ensuring cutting-edge products.


Your success as a Bluebird brand dealer is at your fingertips

We are offering you the opportunity to join us on this exciting adventure. Becoming a Bluebird dealer means gaining access to high-quality products, dedicated support, and the opportunity to grow your business in the gardening equipment industry.

We are ready to accompany you in your success, offering our 40 years of experience in the industry. At Bluebird Industries, constant technological development, respect for the environment through low-emission engines, and the know-how accumulated over 40 years are the values that guide us.

These are the values that guide us.


We are ready to support you in your growth as a dealer by working alongside you in every step of the sale

As a Bluebird partner, you will have access to a wide range of innovative products that are carefully designed and made from high-quality materials.

Our brushcutters and trimmers with internal combustion engines are synonymous with excellent performance, reliability and durability. But we don't stop at just the quality of our products.

We understand that after-sales support is essential to your success. Our dedicated team of professionals will always be available to provide you with technical support, sales advice, and answers to your questions. We are here to help you meet any challenges that may arise along your journey.

We also offer you a unique competitive advantage: our strong and flexible sales network. With our extensive reach in Europe, Asia, and South America, you will benefit from an internationally recognized and valued brand. Get the opportunity to expand your customer base and reach new markets by leveraging Bluebird's reputation as an industry leader.

But Bluebird is not just a profit-oriented company. We are deeply committed to preserving the environment and reducing the impact of our operations.

Our low-emission engines are tangible evidence of this commitment.

By becoming a dealer of the Bluebird brand, you can be proud to offer your customers environmentally sustainable products, contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Now is the time to take action. Join us on this successful adventure! Become a reseller of the Bluebird Industries brand and enjoy the benefits of a company with a history of excellence, quality and innovation.


We will be your trusted partner for long-term success

Contact us today at info@bluebirdind.ch and learn about the incentive discounts available to you, and how Bluebird can transform your business. Together we can fly to new heights of success in the lawn and garden equipment industry. Bluebird Industries: innovation, quality and success.

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