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By Hofer Heu- und Strohhandel S. (Möhlin, Svizzera) on 27 Jan. 2021 :

Product rated : Pruning shear Bluebird PS 22-40 Die Schere ist ein gutes Produkt. Ich freue mich mit dieser zu arbeiten. Damit ich diese optimal bedienen und warten kann, benötige ich noch eine Produktebeschreibung in deutscher Sprache. Freundliche Grüsse Samuel Hofer

By luigi S. (St.moritz, Svizzera) on 03 Nov. 2020 :

Product rated : Winch Bluebird BB 1610X il vericello è molto forte e pratico da usare mi diverto a tirare legna nel nel bosco senza fare faticacce.Io sono molto contento saluti luigi

By Didier J. (Les Genevez, Svizzera) on 03 Nov. 2020 :

Product rated : Cutting Head Flash Rapid Bluebird Universale Très profesionelle
Olive Harvesters

Olive Harvesters

Blue Bird olive harvesters are light and fast tools for olive picking, with high frequency lateral oscillations.

Without renouncing to the quality of a product that must always be performing and to Italian construction knowledge, the new range of harvesters is developed from the IONIO models, of low cost and suitable for hobby use, up to the TIRRENO models, more purely professional and also equipped with PCB control unit that maintains the beat frequency unchanged when the battery charge falls. These characteristics are certainly fundamental for the most intensive use.

The comfort of use is always more important in the choice of the product, for this reason Blue Bird engages to meet the needs of the user by choosing resistant but extremely light materials, studying a compact shape of the engine for easier penetration between the branches, supplying long cables that allow freedom of movement, limiting to the minimum the vibrations and the noise transmitted to the operator.

The models with telescopic shaft reach 3 meters in length, to which an additional meter can be added thanks to the extension supplied as standard, to manage even the highest trees. The movement of the carbon-kevlar combs aims to the maximum collection result, while being extremely respectful of the plant. The 15-meter power cable (included) allows great freedom of movement and the particularly compact shape of the engine ensures that the machine can easily penetrate the branches of the plant.

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