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By Hofer Heu- und Strohhandel S. (Möhlin, Svizzera) on 27 Jan. 2021 :

Product rated : Pruning shear Bluebird PS 22-40 Die Schere ist ein gutes Produkt. Ich freue mich mit dieser zu arbeiten. Damit ich diese optimal bedienen und warten kann, benötige ich noch eine Produktebeschreibung in deutscher Sprache. Freundliche Grüsse Samuel Hofer

By luigi S. (St.moritz, Svizzera) on 03 Nov. 2020 :

Product rated : Winch Bluebird BB 1610X il vericello è molto forte e pratico da usare mi diverto a tirare legna nel nel bosco senza fare faticacce.Io sono molto contento saluti luigi

By Didier J. (Les Genevez, Svizzera) on 03 Nov. 2020 :

Product rated : Cutting Head Flash Rapid Bluebird Universale Très profesionelle


Designed to meet the needs of both the professional and private users, the range of Blue Bird winches covers various needs in terms of power, versatility, compactness and weight. The applications of theBlue Bird winches ranges from the wood sector (wood towing,tractor rope winch) to the leisure sector (loading and unloading boats, hunting, etc ..). The range of winches starts from the basic model with pulley and textile rope up tothe top models with metal wire rope, automaticrope-winder and brake drum. All models are equipped with the powerful 2-stroke Blue Bird engines manufactured in Italy with cutting-edge design and features.In line with the latest European regulations regarding the environmental impact of exhaust emissions.

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